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Swarm Hive 3JUL2013

posted Jul 6, 2013, 7:06 AM by Dale Hartung   [ updated Jul 6, 2013, 7:48 AM ]

The local bee club received an email from a property owner in Milwaukee that he had a swarm of bees move into a brick pile.  He wanted to save the bees so we attempted to get them out.  I made an initial visit on Monday July 1st to assess what was there.  I moved one brick and this is what I found

I was originally going to take them out on July 3rd, but when we showed up it was pouring rain. I already had some open brood and honey for bait. We hastily added the bait box on top of what we thought was their entrance and left.  

I went back on July 5th because it was evident that the bees did not move up into the box.  They were using a lower entrance in the brick pile to fly in and out.  So I had to move them in manually.  View the slideshow to see how it went.  I happen chanced on the queen crawling on a brick. It was a good catch. 

Thank You Mr. Northern for taking the photos!

Direct Link (in case the slideshow doesn't work)  Swarm Album on Picassa

Swarm Capture 5JUL2013