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CentOS Net Install

Get the CentOS net install cd 

Burn the cd or place the iso in the datastore of a vmware machine

Boot from cd.
It should look like this

linux text
and hit Enter

Select your language and hit OK, Use the Tab key to move the selection

Select your keyboard layout.  I use the default

Next Select your Installation source.  We will be using HTTP Here

Use DHCP to install your system if your have it.  However if you have predetermined your ip address and know your gateway and dns settings set them here.  Disable IPv6 Support unless you know what you are doing

Now you need to enter where the packages are to be fetched from 

In Web site name:
In CentOS Directory:
For a 64bit install you would enter

Hit OK and go get a cup of coffee.  You will need to wait a few minutes while it retrieves the images

We are going to use text mode here,  I had trouble with X version

Welcome to CentOS!  WooHoo!

You may or may not see this next screen.  If you have a brand new hard drive with no partitions, you will not see it, otherwise you will

If you have a new hard drive with no partitions you will get this screen.  If the disk you are using has partitions already on it then you will not get this screen.

I remove all partitions and start over for ease of use.  If your adding this to a disk with other partitions. See This:  Dual Booting CentOS

Say Yes to remove all partitions on the selected hard drive

If you need to make some custom partitions or modify boot loader options.  To configure those options look at this: