1. Remove all files from the directory /var/lib/ldap, making certain that the directory exists with permissions:

root#  ls -al /var/lib/ | grep ldap
drwx------   2 ldap    ldap       48 Dec 15 22:11 ldap

2. Install the db_config in /var/lib/ldap

3. Edit slapd.conf to look similar to the example, your mileage may vary

4. Start your LDAP server with the following command:

service ldap start

5. Set it to start at boot time:

cc ldap on

The following is for a server as a PDC or a linux client authenticating to the PDC

6. Check that the package "nss_ldap" is installed and updated on your system:

apt-get install nss_ldap

7. Edit or replace /etc/ldap.conf

8. For Fedora based servers run


Use LDAP for authentication and username storage

9. Proceed to Samba

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